Each conflict is unique and requires a specific approach

Thanks to our many years of experience in negotiation and mediation, we adapt ourselves and our approach to the specific expectations or the context and the sensitivities of the parties and the mediation. The interests of the parties and finding a sustainable solution are at the heart of our approach.

Depending on the type and the degree of complexity of the conflict, mediation is initiated by one authorised mediator or in co-mediation (combination of an authorised mediator and a lawyer-authorised mediator).

Pre-Mediation Stage:

We hear each of the parties separately as to the background to the conflict.

This way we gain a clear understanding of the positions, sensitivities, interests and objectives of all concerned.

This will help us ensure that the mediation process runs more smoothly.

The Actual Mediation:

We guide the parties through the entire mediation process, using a tried and tested structure:

  • Present the Positions of the parties
  • Identify the Interests of the parties
  • Create Options and possible solutions
  • Work towards a joint solution and a joint agreement