Benefits of Mediation

In today’s culture and society conflicting parties (both in professional and private matters) tend to resort to legal action quickly to settle their disputes.

This not only causes our legal system to be systematically overloaded, but in the vast majority of cases also leads to expensive and time-consuming proceedings.

Additionally, the outcome of a court’s ruling on a dispute has, by definition, a winner and a loser. However, in many cases the conflicting parties still can and/or want to have a joint future.

But people and companies forget there is a different approach to this

Mediation Provides a Solution for these Drawbacks of the Legal Process.

The essence of mediation revolves around the following principles and benefits:

  • Inter-party conflict resolution (IPCR). The parties work together, under the supervision of an authorised mediator, to turn their conflict from the past into a joint constructive vision (solution) for the future.
  • This method aims for a WIN-WIN for the participating parties. This way they lay the foundation for a joint, sustainable relationship.
  • Thanks to the faster mediation process, this method not only saves time, but is also cost-effective.
  • Mediation occurs in a completely confidential setting. All parties involved (parties, authorised mediator, counsels, experts) subscribe to and sign the confidentiality protocol.

During the mediation, the parties can be assisted by their counsels and by experts, if any, to provide assistance in case of specific problems or points of disagreement.

Expert / Loss Adjuster

The task of an expert consists in thoroughly analysing a claim or dispute as to its cause(s) and extent, as well as identifying the consequences and determining who is responsible. In this way, the expert provides the parties involved with an objective perspective on the problem and guides the parties towards a solution / agreement.

Using a study supporting his findings and adequate written reports, the expert will keep his principal (insurance company, insurance broker, organisation (profit or non-profit), government agency, private individual,…) informed throughout the entire process and follow up until the case is closed.

During his more than 20 years of experience in the construction and waste industry, Herman has built up broad expertise in resolving complex claims and disputes, both in construction and related industries, as well as in other sectors, such as the environment, waste and various branches of industry.